Please note that digital licenses can only be refunded in the case of failure if this is requested via email to [email protected] within 15 days of the purchase. Our promise is that if you contact us for help and we cannot resolve a technical problem, we’ll provide a FULL REFUND ????

Please keep in mind all licenses sold by The Unity Soft are valid for 1 unique PC and cannot be transferred.

Software compatibility is entirely a responsibility of the customer to check as we are the license seller, all software is provided by Microsoft and copyright of that company, hence refunds will not be provided for compatibility of the software.

Defective keycodes will be replaced or refunded depending on customer’s choice. Defective codes can only be proven by the company only with an output from Microsoft PID Checker.

The Unity Soft does not take responsibility for any underlying local issues with the computer that could prevent the normal functioning of any software.

All Products sold by The Unity Soft include a 1-year warranty for reinstallation and PC reset cases and free live chat/ Email support.

To deliver the goods immediately as we do, we require an express consent so as to not hold the goods for the 14 day cooling off period. Please keep in mind the consumer will lose his right of revocation of contract after providing express consent to start with the supply of the digital content. This being said, rest assured this is a legal fulfillment and our only concern is your satisfaction, hence we will support every order without enforcing cancellation due to this point.

Please refer to the following link for the laws and regulations on software distance selling: